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 No Sympathy For the Devil Book CoverNo Sympathy for the Devil: Christian Pop Music and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism

“The real success story of political pop in recent history is the saga of Christian rock. . . Stowe follows Christian pop as it evolves from sound-tracking the left-leaning countercultural Jesus movement, with its saucer-eyed teen burnouts baptized in the surf of ’60s Corona del Mar, California, to mobilizing Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and the Reagan Revolution.”—Bookforum

“The exploration of musical/social/political connections is perhaps the greatest strength of this well-written, carefully researched book. Stowe explains the early development of Christian pop and rock music more thoroughly than perhaps any other book available.”  Library Journal starred review

How Sweet the Sound Book CoverHow Sweet the Sound: Music in the Spiritual Lives of Americans

“Mr. Stowe’s observations regarding the relationship between music and spirituality take him to the religious music of Indians, Shakers, Mormons, Moravians, African-Americans, Jews, Buddhists and others… With abundant lyrics, photographs, and musical scores, How Sweet the Sound is a musical feast. Thump to it. Sing with it. Read this book.”—Carol Herman, The Washington Times

“With historical anecdotes and deft musical analysis, Stowe…focuses on selected moments, from colonial times to the present, when sacred musical styles emerged, combined with others, or took on whole new colorings.”—Jay Tolson, U.S. News & World Report

Swing Changes Book CoverSwing Changes: Big-Band Jazz in New Deal America

Swing Changes, with its emphasis on the importance of social elements in the creation of meaning in swing, is an excellent example of how jazz and other arts are being studied now in some quarters of the academy. Stowe writes in a clear style and with a thorough knowledge of swing-era American history.”—John Bostwick,American Scholar

“This excellent book on the Swing Era, its music and meaning, is a model of interdisciplinary social history, combining music, business, economics, and politics in a seamless and fascinating chronicle…An intelligent and lively book, peppered with astute historical and musical observations.”Kirkus Reviews